Dream Weddings

Alright guys, today I want to talk about something VERY important.

We all know that planning a wedding is stressful, whether you’ve just started, are at the finish line, or are no where near even getting engaged, we all get it.

I think that this is very important and is when you should be paying very careful attention to how your fiance reacts to this stress.

The perfect example of this is the movie Bride Wars. Instead of focusing on the main plot and the two women, focus on their grooms. 

Your future spouse should not feel as if they don’t know you - when you are stressed, you are still you. No matter how out-of-character you act or what you do, it’s still a version of yourself that will come out often during life. Stress is a part of life. If someone can’t accept you in this state then they don’t deserve you!

Just had to comment on my favorite aspect of that movie. And brag a little that my fiance is the sweetest when it comes to my stress and my breakdowns. We’ve been engaged for a little over two months and I’ve already had 3 breakdowns. But he’s always there and it doesn’t faze him! That’s how it should be!